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Haunt Me Forever

1999, CD.  Twelve songs and instrumentals:

The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
Sam Hall
Goddesses/Parson’s Farewell
The River
Prince William
The Mingulay Boat Song
Eleanor Plunket/Flowers of Edinburgh
My Grandfather’s Clock
I Forget (aka Haunt Me Forever)
‘Shut Up and Eat Your Grits’ Reel

Haunt Me Forever Album


1994, CD.  Eleven songs:

Rovin’ Ploughboy
Castle of Dromore
Wild Mountain Thyme
Scarborough Faire
Banks of Newfoundland
Loch Lomond
Bonny Labourin’ Boy
Life of the Rover
The Highwayman
After the Ball
When I’m Gone

Nor'westers Album

The Moon’s Fool

1995, Cassette
2001 CD, Digitally Re-Mastered
Original songs, old blues and dulcimer/guitar duets:

The Moon’s Fool
Sweet Baby James
Good Ol’ Wagon
The Thresher
Streets of London
St. James Infirmary
The Sleepin’ Scotsman
Planxty Irwin
Shame on Me

The Moon's Fool

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