Barby Holder’s music has been featured on a wide variety of television and radio programs. For complete resume and detailed references, email: [email protected]

Barby Italian Renaissance at Vizcaya

Italian Renaissance at Vizcaya

Television and Radio Shows

The Chords Are Stacked, WITF FM Harrisburg PA
WHYY Live with Gene Shay, Philadelphia PA
Hard Rock Cafe Live, Nashville TN
Kids Radio Network, Harrisburg PA
Florida Institute of Technology Radio
Watch This Space, WITF TV, Harrisburg PA
WPSX Pennsylvania Chronical, Penn State PA
AM Philadelphia TV
WVIA Home Grown Series, Pittston PA
The Blues Zone, WWII , Harrisburg PA
WVBR, Cornell University
WNYF TV, Fredonia NY
OTS “Live at the Last Elm, Burlington VT
Montpelier Morning Radio, VT
BCT TV Music Notes, Reading PA
Boca Key Evening News, FL
WHP TV Concert, Penn State Harrisburg
The Wave, Marathon Key FL
WHP AM Show with Skip and Connie, Harrisburg
Pittsburgh Evening News PA
WGAL TV, Lancaster PA
WSBA / WARM 103 Radio Show, York PA

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